Aluminum grooved acoustic product___ patented product

Acoustic solution for wall and ceiling,
The upgrade of wooden acoustic panel, aluminum perforated acoustic panel and compound perforated acoustic panel

  • Decoration effect:different kinds of solid colors,wooden grain,bamboo grain;good decoration effect;
  • Fire performance: Class A, non-combustible
  • Physical performance: waterproof,mothproof,anticorrosive,no formaldehyde,no deformation;easy installation,simple maintenance。
  • Acoustic performance:good sound absorption for low, medium and high frequency。
  • Formaldehyde release:no formaldehyde
  • 各种纯色,木纹色饰面;装饰效果好;A级防火性能,防潮,防虫,防腐,无甲醛,不变形; 对低频,中频,高频均有很好的吸声性能;安装简易,维护简易
  • Waterproof

  • mildewproof

  • environmental friendly

  • impact-resistant

  • sound absorption for full frequency

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Fabric acoustic product

A combination of decoration and sound absorption for full frequency
The patterns between panels can be spliced perfectly
Many colors and patterns
Biggest size: 6×2.4m


17 years of rich industry experience
Innovation leader of architectural acoustic industry in China
Manufacturer recommended by Ministry of Housing Department of China
Independent design R & D team

  • Power
  • quality
  • after sale
  • Sports projects completed:500+
  • Other projects completed:1000+

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